FanTav 2017 Fantasy Rankings: #19 Dolphins

A quarterback swap shouldn’t hurt the Dolphins too badly.

2016 Review: The Miami Dolphins headed into 2016 without a real answer at feature back (Arian Foster…really?) and a lot of debate whether or not the team should just start over at QB. With a first year head coach and an 0-5 start, the Dolphins seemed destined for comparison to the Browns or the Rams. However, a funny thing happened. The team leaned on Jay Ajayi heavily down the stretch and the young RB produced top tier numbers. The offense began clicking and the Dolphins finished the season as a team to watch moving forward.

2017 Changes: The Dolphins didn’t make too many moves as far as fantasy goes. The team did trade Branden Albert to the Jaguars for Julius Thomas. This was pretty much a high cap hit swap of under performers for each team, but the Dolphins are now relying on Mr. Gas Mask, Laremy Tunsil, to perform like a high draft pick at left tackle. The Dolphins handed out an outrageous out of money for a third WR in Kenny Stills as well, but that was pretty much it. (Editor’s Note: Oh, and they signed Smokin’ Jay Cutler for obvious reasons)

2017 Outlook: The Dolphins desire to play like the second half of the season team that squeaked out a lot of narrow victories. They’ll pound the rock with Jay Ajayi likely as much as any team in the league leans on a rusher, they’ll keep their fingers crossed for that Jay Cutler can immediately step in and play at a solid level, and they’ll hopefully have four somewhat reliable targets in Jarvis Landry, a healthy DeVante Parker, Thomas, and Stills. All things considered this is a pretty respectable team regarding fantasy ownership. It really comes down to Cutler’s performance.

A Fantasy Star You Can Trust: Me thinks it strange how much anti-love there has been for Jarvis Landry this offseason (before the Tannehill injury). Sure he’s in a contract season and sure the team didn’t rely on him as heavily down the stretch as some expected, but can you really be that down on a guy that has averaged over 90 catches, 1,000 yards receiving, and 4 or more TDs per season that you can get with around the 60th pick or even later? Landry is a solid WR2 that may not be a sexy weekly play, but he’s fairly reliable especially with a new signal caller behind center.

Potential Bust: Don’t get me wrong. I love Jay Ajayi and I loved owning him last season in a few leagues as a waiver wire gem. That being said, you will need to take him around the 8th pick to the end of the first round of fantasy drafts if you want to have him this year. I’d like to see a bit more of a track record of success on a bit more consistent of an offense to draft him that high. Oh, and his 151 receiving yards for zero TDs doesn’t equate to first round value in my opinion.

Best Sleeper: DeVante Parker is an intriguing player as he showed a lot of potential a few years back, but dealt with hamstring injuries all through last season rendering him pretty inconsistent and a frustrating draft pick. Assuming he’s healthy, he could potentially eat into Landry’s workload and could be a nice value at the 98th pick range. Julius Thomas in the 120’s is a fascinating dart throw as well considering he’ll likely go undrafted in smaller leagues.

Most Overrated Sleeper: Kenny Stills is not an every down WR and can do one thing really well, but isn’t very good at anything else. He’s a great DraftKings play once or twice a season, but he shouldn’t be drafted before the 120’s and even that is a bit of a stretch considering all the superior targets on this team.

Most Intriguing Storyline: Clearly it’s Smokin’ Jay goes to Miami. Can the unofficially retired former Bear step in and get the job done?

One Thing I Was Right About (Last Season): I had zero faith that Foster would carry the load and be worth a fairly high draft pick. I also loved Landry’s fantasy value.

One Thing I Was Wrong About: I didn’t think the Dolphins had anybody that could carry the load and I thought DeVante Parker would be relevant at some point last year.

Best Porn Name: Starting guard Jermon Bushrod keeps are phallic streak of football names alive for another day!

One Final Thing: I’ll pay tribute to Mrs. Cutler twice! But can we get a pick of her with Mrs. Tannehill?