Strangest ’16 Offseason Stories: #4

4) Jordan Rodgers: Bachelorette Champion

Occasionally the page 6 stuff becomes such a distraction it results in allegedly affecting the outcome on the actual gridiron. Many journalist believed this to be true for the Green Bay Packers sputtering offense in the first half of the season. The short version of the popular story is that Aaron Rodgers brother, Jordan, was a contestant on The Bachelorette. During his time on the show, he wasn’t afraid of voicing his obvious connection to his famous sibling. In one of the final episodes, he and the rest of his family (minus the Packman) revealed that Aaron had not had any contact with them for years. The whole scene unfolded something like Ray Finckle’s parent’s house in Ace Ventura. The family all sat around the table telling the Bachelorette and the audience of the show of how A-Rod wanted nothing to do with the family. Of course they kept “Aaron’s chair” vacant at the table and hoped he would soon return home to spend time with them. In conclusion, the episode sparked a debate of who was at fault. Was it Hollywood Aaron Rodgers that was a prick that spurned his family for fame or was the entire Rodgers clan just kind of crazy for using the reality show as a launching pad for their own used garbage? Was it Rodgers sexy WAG that divided the family or did some of Aaron’s kin take advantage of his celebrity? Either way I highly doubt that Rodgers early struggles last season had anything to do with his awkward family life and more to do with a running game that couldn’t produce a single rushing TD in the first eight games. Newly single, perhaps A-Rod will reach out to his family soon.