Hard Knocks: Ten Things to Look For

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have been selected as the featured team showcased on this upcoming season’s Hard Knocks, but what are ten of the most intriguing story-lines that will reported on this season’s show?
1) Famous Jameis
Love him or hate him, Buccaneers quarterback Jameis Winston is a commanding presence in the huddle, in the locker room, and on the television screen. The former Florida State Seminole is the leader of the young Buccaneers team and a highly entertaining individual both on and off the field. Winston has shown nice progression in his first two NFL seasons and enters 2017 a borderline QB1 in fantasy. This could be his breakout season or it could determine that he isn’t an elite level QB. Either way, HBO will be in camp to document the polarizing star of the Bucs this August. 
2) The Coach with No Filter
Most NFL coaches go by the sports cliche playbook that lulls us to sleep. Bucs second year head coach Dirk Koetter is not like most head coaches. The former Falcons offensive coordinator is a Hard Knocks veteran that’s not afraid to speak his mind. Along with former Falcons head coach Mike Smith (the Bucs defensive coordinator) the two should offer many promising sound bites during training camp that will be repeated throughout the season by avid fans of the show.  
3) Offensive Weapons
Few teams in the NFL have as intriguing of personalities as the Bucs supporting cast on offense. Wideout Mike Evans has a dark unfortunate past featured on shows like Outside the Lines, but he has established himself as an elite wide receiver and excellent WR1 option in fantasy. Newly signed Desean Jackson is one of the most interesting and emotional players in the NFL. Shifty slot WR Adam Humphries has beaten the odds to become a reliable safety valve for the Bucs. Tight end and Haaarvard man Cameron Brate is another odds beater that was the co-TD leader at TE last season. He’ll be joined by sensational prospect OJ Howard this season. The Bucs are loaded on offense and offer many interesting storylines this summer.
4) Dougie Dance
Although the Bucs are loaded with offensive talent and interesting players, no story is as interesting this offseason as Doug Martin’s. The feature back has had two excellent seasons and two terrible ones as a pro. Last season was the latter with less than three yards per carry and a late drug suspension for addiction to Adderall. During this offseason many expected the sometimes fantasy star to be cut, but it hasn’t happened. This summer we will get a firsthand look at the troubled back and whether or not he can reemerge as an elite player. 
5) The Goofball DT
Comic relief is often the most golden part of the docuseries. Last year was all about a defensive lineman that didn’t believe in dinosaurs, but was in love with mermaids. This season’s jester could be defensive tackle Gerald McCoy. The defensive tackle breaks many of the gritty DT stereotypes and isn’t afraid to make a goofy face from time to time. McCoy should add some lightness to a chaotic sport.
6) Ambassador of Kwon
Although fans love the goofballs, football is a violent sport. Some of the most iconic athletes to be featured on the show were those crazy linebackers. The guys that aren’t afraid to fill that gap with their face. The young Buccaneers have one of the better promising players at the position in Kwon Alexander. The former LSU backer also brings the intensity. Fans of the game should receive a proper introduction to the IDP superstar this summer.
7) Kicker Battle! 
If there is one thing almost as entertaining as the QB battle, it’s the kicker battle. It’s like Bloodsport but with guys kicking balls through a field goal post. This season the Bucs will have to choose between second round disappointment Roberto Aguayo and steady veteran Nick Folk. Folk received a hefty guarantee just to compete with the second year kicker, so it will be interesting to see if the Bucs are willing to give up on a high pick that quickly. 
8) Weird Owners
Perhaps the only thing stranger than the coaching staff and the players is the guy that’s paying them.  Hard Knocks typically follows the owners as well as the players and coaches, so this season will have two personalities for the price of one in Bryan and Joel Glazer. Perhaps we’ll get a looksie at Manchester United too considering the guys own two football clubs.
9) Miko
Can we all please pray that we don’t see Miko Grimes? But with our luck get ready for some cock cakes, Twitter feuds, and Real Housewives of Tampa bullshit.
10) The Unknown
The major component of Hard Knocks isn’t the bright shining stars, it’s the obscure guys just trying to make the squad. Typically the show features six or more of these types of guys that are living out of a small apartment on a month-to-month lease. Of course most of them won’t make the squad either and leave us disappointed. However, these are the real stars.