10 Best Fantasy Free Agents Left

With Adrian Peterson and Jamaal Charles signed (and Tony Romo and Jay Cutler “retired” to the broadcasting booth), we’ve entered the final leg of free agency. Not many potential stars are left, but how much value do they hold and where could they end up?

1) LeGarrette Blount (RB): You know it’s a strange free agent RB market when the NFL touchdown leader and a major component of a Super Bowl champion is still looking for work. That’s the case for Blount who was obviously excellent in 2016. Making his unemployment even more interesting, the Patriots have signed multiple legit RBs this offseason and currently have four competent ones on their squad. Blount allegedly had a standing offer to return, but that seems to be over with now. Green Bay, New York (Giants), and Baltimore could all use another back and one should come calling very soon.
2) Colin Kaepernick (QB): The One Who Prefers to Kneel has expressed that he will kick his political views to the curb to simply get a chance to play. Inefficient passing, injuries, and that whole media sideshow have rendered him undesirable by ownership. At this point his best bet is to likely sign with the Seahawks where he can be his buddy Russell Wilson’s backup and where they’re also a bit more open to the idea of having an outspoken player on their squad.
3) Michael Floyd (WR): It’s amazing how far some guys fall off the grid. A year ago Floyd was more desired in fantasy rankings than Larry Fitz. A ton of drops, injury problems, and a really bad DUI arrest/release later, Floyd is not really talked about much anymore. That being said he’s arguably the most gifted fantasy free agent on the market. With size and athleticism, somebody will want the troubled young wideout. Rumor has that “somebody” as the Minnesota Vikings where Floyd will likely disappear on the depth chart.
4) Gary Barnridge (TE): A few years back the Barnburner was a top end TE1; however, he signed that big deal and everybody went to sh…brown…pretty quickly. The biggest issue was that the QB that he had great chemistry with was forced out of town and last season the Browns had a batch of hurlers that couldn’t hit the broad side of a Barn….ridge. He’s visiting Buffalo, but I’d love to see him in New York (Jets) for a fantasy reconnect with Josh McCown.
5) DeAngelo Williams (RB): Considered one of the best handcuffs to own in the NFL with Pittsburgh (because he was solid, on a great offense, and behind a pothead), Williams is now not considered to be much more than over-the-hill and a glorified change-of-pace back. Similar to his fantasy value, Williams could fall on his feet once preseason begins and a team loses a top rusher. With that being said, the former Panther’s age is a concern for realistic work in 2017 so he’s unlikely to land anywhere too soon.
6) Anquan Boldin (WR): Speaking of age, Boldin is 36 but proved to be a viable fantasy option in 2016 with Detroit. The former Raven has made it clear that he doesn’t want to retire and he’s still a fine option in the slot for a team that needs one more red zone target that can block. He’s another wait and see what happens to players in the preseason guy, but I’d love to see him return to Baltimore’s shitty WR corps before he hangs them up.
7) Rashad Jennings (RB): Jennings has had some underrated seasons pounding the rock over his career including over a year ago for the New York Giants; however, considering his age and limited versatility he’s reached a crossroads in his career where he’s pretty much a 3rd string RB that could be featured if a first stringer goes down. Most teams prefer not to pay the vet minimum salary for a player rarely used, so Jennings could be an intriguing in-season add if the right team is RB needy and he’s still a free agent that wants to play.
8) Victor Cruz (WR): Another former Giant that was actually once a superstar, Cruz has rarely played in the last three seasons and pretty much became the Giants clear cut third option last season. He’s worth a throw of the dice considering his past success, but he probably already injured himself reading this article. As of today, he’s nothing more than a potential third option on a team desperate for an experienced WR this August.  
9) Ryan Fitzpatrick (QB): After a dramatic offseason that seemed like it could end in a holdout for the Bearded One, he returned just in time for the season and he also returned to his Picksixpatrick ways. Fitzpatrick should still be considered a high end backup that can sling it, so it’s a bit surprising that nobody is calling the guy as of yet. Arizona seems like a nice fit. 
10)  Vincent Jackson (WR): Age and a “lost step” have made V-Jax pretty much old news. He seems happy to be living in the Tampa Bay area and doesn’t seem to eager to prove himself with a new team. He’s likely played his last NFL down considering he can’t find that separation anymore.