Strangest ’16 Offseason Stories: #10-9

As we enter the final ten tales of the most f’ed up things from last offseason, we discuss a long awaited tale of revenge against deflated balls and a man that can’t pass a drug test.

10) Brady Suspended Again…. story would be higher up the list if not for how predictable Roger Goodell and the vengeful NFL brass has become. Everybody knows the details of Deflategate, but if you’ve been living under a rock to quickly summarize the incident: Tom Brady was suspended four games for failing to cooperate with an investigation (deflated f’ing balls), he then appealed the decision and the Court sided with him, and finally last offseason, the ruling was reviewed one last time and reversed to give the NFL the win.  Brady was forced to sit out four games; however, the silver lining in the whole scenario is that the NFL Players Union now wants a more democratic system of reviewing and punishment the NFL athletes. Goodell got his way this time, but the steadfast approach to banish Brady for 4 games could loosen the grip of power he has on the league when it comes to ruling on conduct issues. This is a good thing as the NFL’s conduct policy is pretty authoritative as of right now. Either way Brady sat out the games and then went on to win the Super Bowl.

9) Josh Gordon Fails Test, Gets Thumbs Up From Commish

Josh-GordonIf you ever wanted to see a hilarious double standard of the league’s drug policy, look at the NFL’s ruling on Josh Gordon last offseason. The Cleveland Browns’ wide receiver has consistently found himself in trouble as a pro athlete. Weed suspensions, DUIs while suspended, you name it and Gordon has probably violated it (that sounds dirty). Perhaps more troubling, Gordon has failed to take responsibility for his actions claiming he’s only smoked weed a couple times in his life and was the victim of secondhand smoke for one of his failed tests. Well last offseason, while still suspended for both several failed tests and a DUI, Gordon failed yet another test. However, by league policies that apparently have become less strict (apparently if you have a certain amound of reefer in your system it’s better than a ton), so Flash Gordon was allowed to take another test one month later. Gordon apparently passed that second test and was eventually placed on a clear path to be reinstated. However, days before his suspension period was set to end in the regular season, he admitted he needed to go to rehab and never returned in 2016.