The FanTav Awards: Worst WR

Worst WR: There is nothing shittier than the draft bust wideout. When we draft a WR early, we do so because we feel confident we’re getting a reliable player and a nice return on a high draft pick. We’re passing on the iffy RBs for a guy we know will produce a 90 catch, 1,200 yard, 10 TD line. However, this doesn’t always work out. Lets review the three biggest draft busts at the WR position from last season. 

The Nominees

Dez Bryant (DAL): Dez was one of those guys that’s draft stock fluctuated depending on when you drafted last August. Originally the Cowboy was a top 8 or 9 option on most draftboards; however, once Tony Romo went down he fell to the high second round in most drafts. Either way this was simply overvalued and a guy I had on my no fly zone. Dez finished the season with only 50 catches on 96 targets for a pretty terrible ratio of only catching 52% of passes his way. Dez did step up towards the end of the year, but failed to eclipse 800 receiving yards for the season.

DeAndre Hopkins (HOU): It’s always a risk to draft a star WR high that is playing with a new QB. Hopkins was awesome in 2015 with several backups throwing him the ball, so it seemed like not too much of a stretch that he would produce highend WR1 numbers with Brock “the Cock” Osweiler. This obviously wasn’t the case in 2016 and Hopkins was unable to get decent looks from his first year QB. Hopkins finished the year with a terrible line of 78 catches on 151 targets for a catch percentage of 51.6%. Even worse he didn’t crack the top 35 WRs in fantasy.

Allen Robinson (JAC): A-Rob and Blake Bortles connected for a lot of fantasy points in 2015 and seemed like a combo trending in the right direction. However, Bortles was really bad in 2016 and A-Rob didn’t help matters. On 151 targets, Robinson only came down with 73 catches for the worst catch % in the league of 48%. Robinson finished the season a little shy of 900 receiving yards and 6 TDs which was certainly not worthy of the late first to early second round pick that was used on him. Lets hope for better results in 2017.

hi-res-69c09aaa76f2782edd940b456f5a63df_crop_northThe Winner: All three of these draft busts failed to live up to their WR1 billing and all were even questionable starters in your lineup. Of course all three were also horrible DFS players considering their pricey tag. However, the worst was clearly DeAndre Hopkins who crashed and burned in 2016 thanks largely to horrendous QB play. Without a QB yet this offseason, we aren’t too high on Hopkins quite yet.