Strangest ’16 Offseason Stories: #13-11

13) Tim Tebow’s Bull Durham

imageOut of the countless strange sports stories that we witnessed last offseason perhaps Tim Tebow’s decision to pursue a professional baseball career was among the strangest. Tebow, the famous college player and foreskin remover, refused to give up on his dream of playing NFL quarterback. Tebow made it clear that he wouldn’t consider playing another position (or was good enough to play tight end or fullback in the pros), but the former Gator stopped getting invited to NFL training camps to compete as a QB. The former Bronco apparently was an excellent high school baseball player, so at 27 years of age he began his professional baseball career with the New York Mets organization. Of course this is near the same age that most minor league ballplayers retire and begin another career, but the Mets signed him to a very lucrative minor league contract anyways. It seems that the move was mostly for publicity reasons, but none the less the man that refused to play another football position is now playing another sport entirely. Oh, and one scout recently said he was the worst minor prospect he’s ever seen. Ouch.

12) Shady McCoy’s Roadhouse Moment

Bills_McCoy_Nightclub_Fight_Football-0c013Famous football players getting into bar fights isn’t exactly strange. Famous NFL players getting into bar fights with off-duty police officers is though. That’s exactly what happened last offseason in Philly when Buffalo Bills running back LeSean McCoy got into a rumble with some cops at a nightclub. The skirmish was even recorded on video which I imagine raised several eyebrows around the league office. At the end of the day, McCoy avoided any criminal charges and also a league suspension. However, the cops involved in the fight with the former Eagle did sue him in September. Either way, without criminal charges, McCoy seems to have avoided any serious ramifications for his Roadhouse ways. Pain don’t hurt, Shady. 

11) Wrong Paint at Hall of Fame Game

36FC9E0500000578-3728684-image-a-38_1470623368474As we all know too well, when one NFL season ends, we fans must wait over six months for even a cock-tease of NFL action. That’s when we get the semi-professional inaugural game of the season in the NFL’s Hall of Fame Game in Canton, Ohio. This is typically a decent nicotine patch. However, this season the game never happened. Apparently the traditional site tried to pack too much into the star-studded weekend by having a concert on Friday night (taking place on the gridiron) and the game two nights later. With one day of rain in between the two events, the groundskeeper tried to patch up the wear-and-tear by repainting the field. The problem was that the right paint for the right scenario wasn’t applied and the result was a putty like surface that was too risky for athletes to step foot on. The lesson is that they should play all NFL games in actual NFL stadiums and should allow some traditions (like this small town game) to die out with dignity.