Ranking the Best Fantasy Rookies: #6-#10

6) Alvin Kamara (RB) Tennessee

It’s never a terrible thing for your running style to be compared to Jamaal Charles (minus the ACL tears of course). Kamara is pretty similar to a McCaffrey as he’s sometimes listed as the apple of the late first round teams’ eye and he’s one of the better options catching the ball out of the backfield. If Kamara lands at the end of the first round, he should become fantasy relevant by Week 1 of the 2017 season; however, Kamara could easily fall to the second round which would make his value a bit more murky. Overall it’s a strong running class and Kamara is listed anywhere from 3rd to 5th best overall. Our buddy Kiper isn’t really feeling him as a first round gem, but McShay is riding that boloney pony all the way to the bank and has the Rocky Top back as the 29th pick to the Packers as of today.

7) Joe Mixon (RB) Oklahoma

The most mercurial prospect of the draft, Mixon has first round talent but off-the-field he’s perceived as a major liability. We’ve discussed his lack of involvement in the NFL Combine and we’ve all seen the video. Because of his character concerns, several teams will remove him from their draft board regardless of how far he falls. This leaves him going anywhere from the 3rd round to the 5th round to the right team. He could be this year’s Tyreek Hill prospect that drops significantly (Hill went in the 5th round), but it could actually help his fantasy value if the right team snags him late. Even if you hate him…you have to love his value. Mixon should, worst case scenario, be a nice change-of-pace back. Best case scenario, he’s one of the best RBs in the draft class and takes over a team’s backfield.  

8) John Ross (WR) Washington

Snoop Dogg coached this kid up during his Pop Warner days (and perhaps taught him how properly roll a blunt or the perfect ingredients to craft a gin and juice cocktail). I joke, but Ross was the Boss of the Washington squad and helped lead them to a playoff trip this season. He’s also now instantly famous for crushing the 40 yard dash record just yesterday. Because he “Dropped It Like It’s Hot”, he’s now solidified in the top three rookie WRs in the draft class conversation. It’s interesting though because neither Kiper nor McShay had him going in the first round of any mock drafts. Now he should at least be in the conversation. Pity the Colts changed their GM and pity that Al Davis passed away because Ross’ blinding speed could launch him into comparisons to lottery pick Tevon Austin or somebody better. 

9) OJ Howard (TE) Alabama

It’s never a bad thing to be compared to Jimmy Graham.  Howard was clutch in big BCS Playoff games for the Crimson Tide and that pretty much overlooks his lack of consistency for most of his college career. Howard is also widely considered the best rookie talent at TE this offseason and he’s the final prospect of our list (besides QB) that is typically always mocked as a first round pick every time. Our friend Kiper had him as the 32nd pick to the Patriots then moved him up to 18th to the Titans. His eskimo brother from another mother McShay currently believes Howard will go to the Bucs at #19. Some other mocks have Howard going as high as the top ten; whereas others have him falling to the late 20’s. Either way Howard should be called on the first night of the draft and that puts him in the late teens at fantasy tight end overall.  

10) Curtis Samuel (WR) Ohio State

Considered that Percy Harvin H-back or slot WR/RB role for Urban Meyer’s Buckeyes’ offense, Samuel is arguably the most versatile offensive player in the NFL Draft. With that being said, his versatility could actually hurt him a bit as far as draft stock considering he’s never played strictly WR or RB.  The Buckeye will likely be more WR than an NFL rushing threat;  however, he also has some similarities to Tyreek Hill as a player that can run reverses and catch bubble screens and quick routes on the next level. He’s a special talent that should garner a lot of interest after the first night of the draft. In other words, he’s a 2nd to 3rd round guy that could immediately fill the role of slot WR on a solid offense.