Ranking the Best 2017 Fantasy Rookies: #1-5

With the NFL Combine ongoing, it’s time to look at the fantasy value of the best NFL prospects for 2017. At FanTav, we don’t believe in the traditional mock draft for a variety of reasons. probably because these drafts are traditionally terrible at actually predicting anything. Lets be honest. We have no idea what player will end up going where. It’s insulting to GMs, head coaches, and scouting departments to pretend that we can just nail the biggest need for every team and the perfect player to fit that role with that pick. After one or two trades, all of these lists are pretty much meaningless anyways.

So if your looking for some clickbait articles on mock drafts then please look elsewhere. However, we do believe in ranking the fantasy potential of each NFL prospect. Of course depending on what team takes what player we can’t determine their true potential yet. But this is at least a great indicator into the best college players entering the draft.

So lets dive in and look at the top 25 players for this upcoming draft class.

1) Leonard Fournette (RB) LSU

ESPN has Fournette as the #1 prospect with Cook trailing by a significant margin (10th overall).  The LSU back has more of the classic NFL feature back (listed at 240 pounds) and is more of the prototypical NFL rusher between the tackles. However, an injury-prone season limited his effectiveness this year and some negative media coverage for sitting out his random poopfest bowl game could hurt some sensitive NFL owners feelings as well. Either way Fournette appears to be a top ten overall pick mocked by the great Count of College Prospects Mel Kiper as the 8th pick to Carolina in his first mock and the 6th pick to the Jets in his second mock. Kiper’s friend Todd McShay likes Fournette with the Panthers in his most recent mock. Despite a mediocre combine, Fournette will be taken in the top 10 and we at FanTav believe he’s a second round fantasy prospect in our way too early mock draft. The only concern is his weight at 240 and issues with his ankle last season in college. Regardless, somebody will want Fournette to be their banger between the tackles. 

2) Dalvin Cook (RB) Florida State

Many will debate who the top RB in the rookie draft class is this offseason, but for now Cook seems to be getting second fiddle to Fournette thanks largely to Fournette’s immaculate NFL body (no homo). Cook was of course the clearcut best back in the 2016 college football this year, but he’s a bit smaller at roughly 215 pounds. Personally, I think Cook might be the perfect weapon for the pass friendly NFL with the ability to slash it between the tackles, kick it outside, and catch passes out of the backfield. He’s the ultimate weapon for the right offense and should definitely be taken between picks 10 to 20 this NFL Draft. The Man with the Beautiful Set of Hair had Cook going #12 to the Brownies in his first mock and way down to #17 to the Redskins in his most recent mock. Mcshay believes Cook won’t fall past the Colts at #15 and I agree with his assessment. We value Cook as a 4th round pick as of today, but he has the ability to leapfrog Fournette considering his superior pass catching skills.     

3) Mike Williams (WR) Clemson

Anyone that watched the national championship game was aware that Williams was a large part of the reason why the game went down to the wire and was won by Clemson with a heroic 4th quarter effort. Williams has that knack for coming down with the 50/50 balls down the field and he should be an instant aerial threat in the league. Kiper the Sniper had Williams locked in as a lottery pick in his first mock going to the Titans with the 5th pick, but perhaps he found pictures of the wideout fornicating with his daughter because he’s now been moved back to the 15th pick to the Eagles with his second mock. McShay wasn’t as offended by these pictures and has Williams going at #10 to the Buffalo Bills. Either way FanTav isn’t too crazy about Williams going to any of these teams, so we put him somewhere in the late 40’s at WR overall and feel he’s worth a 10th round flyer or later. 

4) Christian McCaffrey (RB) Stanford

Similar to Fournette, there was a lot of talk of McCaffrey electing to skip his final poopfest college bowl game as well, but the Stanford standout silenced the critics with a strong combine this week. McCaffrey is arguably the best receiver out of the backfield this draft and could be the perfect fit for a more pass friendly offense in the backend of the first round. It’s hard not to talk about McCaffrey without bringing up Danny Woodhead as I don’t see him running the ball 300 times a season considering his smallish stature, but he could easily combine for 1,000 total yards catching and running mostly off tackle. Kiper has mocked the son of the former Bronco badass twice to the Packers at #29 and McShay ignored the guy last mock as a first round prospect. Either way we like McCaffrey in the late 30’s overall at RB for now and will wait and see if he lands on an awesome team in the late first or gets screwed by going to an early second round team because that could easily determine his fantasy potential moving forward. 

5) Corey Davis (WR) Western Michigan

Davis was considered the best wideout in the 2016 preseason and was often mocked in the top 10; however, he’s been leapfrogged by Williams on most draft boards lately. With that being said, Davis is still widely considered the second best prospect in the draft at WR. That man with the Golden Mock Draft List had Davis going late in the first to the Chiefs in mock 1.0 and now he has him going at #19 to the Bucs. Davis must have let McShay watch him bang Kiper’s daughter because he loves the guy and has him as the #5 pick to the Titans as of right now. So as you can see the two experts clearly disagree on Davis’ draft position and whether or not he’s the right man for Kiper’s daughter’s hand in marriage…or I mean the best Wr prospect in the draft. It’s safe to say that Davis should be off the board by the Bucs pick, so at FanTav we give him the same treatment as Williams as a nice 2nd to 3rd bench guy that you hope develops into a start-able WR to use in your lineup.