The FanTav Awards: Best QB

Best QB: When it comes to winning fantasy leagues, you want that stud QB. I don’t care what the point system is for your league, a great QB can make up for a mediocre effort from the rest of your players. This season was no exception. Lets get into the nominees for the coveted award of Best QB.

The Nominees

Drew Brees (NO): There is a reason why I love Drew Brees value year-in and year-out. The logic is simple…his defense is so terrible that he throws so many passes. This season Drew Brees threw 673 passes which might be a record or at least close to one considering it’s over 40 per game. Besides from Joe Flacco and Aaron Rodgers, that’s nearly 70 more passes than anyone else in the NFL. So it’s no surprise that Brees led the league in passing yards in 2016. Brees was also one of only three quarterbacks that threw for more than 35 TD passes as well. Considering Brees has fallen to the 4th to 5th round fantasy value as a bottom Tier 1 option, I’d say he’s worth that pick every time because we all love what he can do in the 4th quarter of games his team is losing. And that’s underrated. 

Aaron Rodgers (GB): With the fantasy trend advising to take quarterbacks much later in drafts than historically, you could have potentially drafted Rodgers this season with a late third round pick which in my opinion is just flat-out silly. After a slow start, Rodgers finished the season on fire putting up clutch performance after clutch performance. Even more impressive, he did it without much of a running game, so he just decided to run for over 300 yards himself. With several elite quarterbacks not stepping up in fantasy this season, Rodgers reminded us why he’s worth taking high yet again. He finished the season with 11 games in which he scored over 20 points and 3 in which he scored over 30. He was simply awesome down the stretch of the season when you needed him most (well besides from Week 15). 

Matt Ryan (ATL): Arguably the best value in all of fantasy this season was Atlanta’s Matty Ice. After a terrible 2015 campaign, the fantasy experts had pretty much removed Ryan for fantasy starting consideration. Ryan was typically being ranked as the 18th quarterback or worse in the preseason. Loyal fantasy owners took him in the final rounds of the draft in hopes that he could turn things around and they were handsomely rewarded for this low risk/high reward draft pick. Matty Ice threw for the second most yards in the NFL behind Brees, but attempted 139 less passes this season. This pretty much means that his average per pass was the best in the NFL by a ton. It also means that next season you won’t be able to snag Matty Ice in one of the last rounds of the draft. Sorry guys.  

The Winner

enhanced-buzz-15387-1385415190-5Aaron Rodgers: We all love those quarterbacks that can make things happen with their legs and with the long ball. Rodgers was fantastic this season leading the position in touchdown passes at 40 and third in rushing yards at 371. Once Green Bay got its legs roughly halfway through the season and Rodgers was averaging well over 20 points/game which is excellent. Congrats Rodgers, like your brother you’re the winner of this competition. Now who wants a mustache ride?