FanTav’s Weekend WAG: Camilla Poindexter

camilla-poindexter-6The Beauty: You could debate whether or not there are two Beauties in this case, but we’ll feature Camilla considering her…well tremendous assets and past modeling career. Camilla is most well known for starring on the eighth season of Oxygen’s Bad Girls Club which sounds like it might win the award for lowest common denominator on TV. As Wikipedia states, the show features the “physical confrontations of seven highly aggressive, quarrelsome, and unruly women.”  Apparently the drama doesn’t end on the TV screen for this WAG nicknamed “Cali Cutthroat”.

The Beast: As I prefaced before, Camilla is just one of the double threat to this Beast. Camilla is apparently Oakland Raiders offensive lineman Donald Penn’s “baby mama” to his fourth child. Like many footballers before him, the catch is that Donald is already married to Dominique Penn who has had three children with the Oakland Raider. Recently Penn’s infidelities were made public by his disgruntled wife who took to Twitter to label Camilla a “hood rat” while putting her husband on blast. Although this has been a great season on the gridiron for Penn, his issues off the field have resulted in several TMZ articles and a divorce filing from his wife.   

The Bard: The love triangle has been a common literary theme dating as far back as the days of Shakespeare.  Donald’s dilemma deserves a poem that is as complex and troubled in nature. 

When Donald dipped his pen in reality television ink

His wife made it known that she was none to pleased.

After one angry Tweet was fired out in a blink,

The world knew that Donald’s pecker might be diseased.

An affair with an infamous “hood rat” would be a bother,

An angry wife and mother at home is even worse.

Considering that Donald could be another baby’s father

He’ll now have to line the pockets of both ladies’ purse.

The moral of this tale is that you should never angrily Tweet,

Unless you’re 100% sure of your suspicions.

And Donald should also wrap up his meat,

Because now he will be paying more college tuitions.