DraftKings Week 2 Advice: RBs

Week 2 is here and lets dive right into the best deals for running backs.

Worth the Money: CJ Anderson vs Colts ($6.8)

My favorite value this week is Denver’s primary back who should thrash a vulnerable Colts D for tons of fantasy points. CJ Anderson is the 2nd ranked RB on my big board, but he’s ranked 7th on DraftKings for value. Honestly, most of the top RBs are at respectable values (Johnson, Williams, Elliott, Miller), but CJ will save you a bit more money and arguably could be the best RB this week, so he’s in most of my lineups.

Good Values: Latavius Murray vs Falcons ($5.7), DeMarco Murray @ Lions ($5.7), & Rashad Jennings vs Saints ($5.6)

As I said before, there are a lot of good values at RB this week. Although I like all of these above listed options along with their match-ups (especially Jennings against the Saints and Murray against the Falcons), I’d save your money here and pair one of these guys with a sleeper for significantly less.

Bad Values: Todd Gurley vs Seahawks ($7.5),  Devonta Freeman @ Raiders ($6.1), Arian Foster @ Patriots ($6.0)

Gurley has the toughest match-up of the week, his supporting cast and offense is completely hapless, and he’s ranked as the second highest player at RB. No thanks. Freeman has a nice match-up, but needs to prove to be the primary ball carrier before investing in. Foster is already banged up (shocker I know) and faces a tough D Sunday night.

Sleepers:  Jeremy Langford vs Eagles ($4.5), LeGarrette Blount vs Dolphins ($4.0), & TJ Yeldon @ Chargers ($4.7)

I have at least one of these RBs in each one of my lineups. Sometimes two and if I’m feeling silly all three. Langford against the Eagles is one of my favorite values this week and Yeldon will be the primary ball carrier yet again for the Jags.  You could make a case that Blount is the best overall deal in fantasy this week considering he’s only $4,000 and the lead back for the Pats.

  • Mark Hawkins

    Y U No like Rawls vs. Rams for $5.5K? Imma play him!