The Biggest Problem with the Show WAGS

If you’re into the whole reality TV thing then perhaps you’ve heard of the show WAGS on E! Television Network. The show recently began its second season and “allegedly” chronicles the personal and professional lives of several of the wives and girlfriends of several superstar athletes. Of course these gals are known to the public as WAGS (the acronym used for high profile sportspersons). However, there’s one problem with this show and its title. Very few of these women are dating, married, or baby mama’s to actual “high profile” athletes as the phrase WAGS suggests.  In other words, the show WAGS pretty much bastardizes this word.

When you think of the acronym WAGs you think of those lovely ladies of the world of sports that you can brand with just one name…like Giselle, Ciara, or Victoria (Posh Spice). Now this idea of bastardizing the word isn’t new. In fact even on this website we’ve paid tribute to several WAGs that aren’t married to superstar footballers. But with that being said, at least the WAGs we’ve paid tribute to are at least famous in their own right. That’s where the show WAGS is truly lacking. Several of these ladies are not only married/dating mediocre to below average athletes, but none of these women are really recognized outside their Instagram followers.

Now the premise for such a show is nothing new to pop culture. Other  fictional shows like Footballer’s Wives have existed before this reality doc; however, WAGs is supposed to display the real life scenarios of a high profile athlete’s significant other. But in reality some guy with a camera in the San Diego area decided to film several former San Diego Chargers player’s ladies and pawn the show off as a reality show featuring high profile WAGs. For the most part, these are aspiring Instagram models hoping for a shot at fifteen minutes of fame and the real WAGs of the world would never be caught dead on such a ridiculous show.

I’m not sure how some of these ladies even live their Cali lifestyle, but lets break it down one by one.

autumn5Autumn Ajirotutu (wife of Seyi Ajirotutu):  If you’re not aware of who Seyi is there is good reason. The former San Diego Charger is currently unemployed and pretty much has been since 2013. Even when he was employed, Seyi only played in 11 or more games in a season twice in his career. At best, Seyi could be considered a special teams returner and not a wide receiver. In his career, Seyi had 20 career receptions and 3 receiving TDs (which is about the same as TO’s record breaking game back in San Francisco years ago). He’s been passed around the league more then…well most of these WAGs have. Which is a lot.

barbie-blankBarbie Blank (wife of Sheldon Souray)

I’ll give credit to Barbie for at least having had a career of her own in wrestling. In other words when you look her up on Google more searches are found for her past career than her Instagram profile. And secondly I’ll tip my cap to her husband Sheldon Souray for having a long NHL career as well. However, similar to Seyi, Souray has not played in the league since 2013 (in his case due to several injuries). In fact, during last season of WAGS he retired from the NHL which obviously concerned his wife because she is technically not a WAG anymore. Perhaps Souray’s best score was producing two children with Angelica Bridges prior to his marriage to Barbie.

YRKIBI6YNatalie Halcro (ex of Shaun Phillips)

This is another case of a lady linked to an above average athlete with Natalie’s ex being former NFL linebacker Shaun Phillips. Most notably Phillips played for the Chargers for several years, but he lost a step in the last few years and only played limited time with the Titans a year ago.  However, Phillips is currently not on a team plus he’s apparently not with Halco.  I’ll at least give Phillips credit for having played 10 seasons in the league and contributed to a few Pro Bowl worthy seasons.  However, that’s now three WAGs in a row that are dating/married to a man that doesn’t actually play professional sports anymore.

Nicole+Williams+Playboy+Gramercy+Pictures+_Rs797qjHJvlNicole Williams (girlfriend of Larry English)

Nicole’s boyfriend Larry English is yet another example of a non-existent football star. Larry did have a little success early in his career with the San Diego Chargers as a third down specialist pass rusher, but last preseason he was cut by the Tampa Bay Bucs (yeah, after they lost 14 games the previous season and had the first pick in the draft) and nobody else even has brought in English for a workout. In his career, the defensive end has accumulated 12 career sacks and is currently unemployed, so that tally is unlikely to get higher anytime soon.  Might be time to bag this alleged WAG as well considering her husband is relatively unknown to the NFL world. Pierson (girlfriend of Marcades Lewis)

Olivia’s is the cousin of Natalie, but her man is allegedly Marcedes Lewis. However, if she has been dating Mr. Lewis then this is news to me considering in one episode I watched she was stood up on a date by Mr. Lights Out Shawn Merriman (who was probably filling up Tila’s Tequila if you know what I mean). If she is dating Lewis then that raises some red flags considering she was the sole person on a show named WAGS that was single during its inaugural season. Pretty convenient that she is now a WAG in her second year on the show. However, Lewis is yet another example of a guy that has had a respectable career in the NFL, but is hardly a high profile star. I’ll at least give Marcedes credit for having once been owned by a fantasy team and for also being currently employed by a team. Marcades has been a lifetime Jaguar who once even caught 10 TDs in a season. However, his fantasy stock is currently useless with Teal Julius signing with the Jags last season. With that being said, we’ve ended our draught of unemployment with our WAGs’s hubbies.

Sasha-GatesSasha Gates (wife of Antonio Gates)

Can we get a quiet golf clap. Sasha is of course wife of Antonio Gates and is our first star-worthy athlete to reference. Antonio has had a Hall of Fame worthy career and has also been a stalwart in the fantasy realm for over a decade now and was once an elite option and now is a serviceable one. However, from the only three episodes I’ve watched of WAGS, it seems that Sasha is at best a supporting character typically featured in the drama-free segments for roughly five minutes per episode at best and is not really a reality star (aka Instagram whore) like the rest of the cast. However, she does have some nice photos on Google and she is married to a notable athlete, so we’ll give Sasha a break here. So far I’d say Barbie and Sasha are the only two ladies that are arguably WAG material.

Sophia_Pierson_NHL_Jason_Garrison_photoSophia Pierson (girlfriend of Jason Garrison)

One of the new editions this season is Jason Garrison’s girlfriend, Sophia. Garrison is at least employed as a pro athlete with the NHL’s Tampa Bay Lightning and he has been a solid teammate in the Bolt’s last two failed quests for the Stanley Cup. But yet again Garrison is not a household name nor is he really known to anyone that isn’t an avid hockey fan.  Clearly, Sophia was brought into the show for her…assets (if you know what I mean and you do). You might want to do some research of your own on Google if you don’t believe me.  With that being said, this is yet another stretch of the word WAG.

Tia Shipman (girlfriend of Greg Toler)tumblr_ny4qv5o9dA1qdzx0go1_500

The other fresh face this year is Tia Shipman whose man is Greg Toler. Yet again Toler has produced a stellar NFL career with three different teams and 8 career interceptions as a defensive back. However, Toler is another example of a guy that lacks any real star power and nobody outside of the advanced NFL fan would ever really know who he is. With that being said, Greg is at least currently employed by the Washington Redskins, so he’s got that going for him. Perhaps Tia will shake some things up this season considering her man allegedly Instagram messaged another one of these alleged WAGs. Sooo scandalous.