Don’t Gravitate to the Click Bait

It’s the dark days of summer in fantasyland.

So dark that some of us have already set up our Yahoo leagues (because we get emails every week encouraging us to do so). And some of us even go to our Yahoo league page to count down the days until our draft (92 days left, but I’m not counting). Hell, some of us even are already doing mock drafts two months before training camp (but I’m not judging you for it). The truth is that we have nearly climbed out of the sports abyss, but we’re not there yet.  We’ve entered the click bait months.

Most of you know the term “click bait.”

As defines it, click bait is “An eyecatching link on a website which encourages people to read on. It is often paid for by the advertiser (“Paid” click bait) or generates income based on the number of clicks.” We’ve all fallen prey to the ads on our Facebook timeline. Usually they are the ones with the fine looking ladies gracing them. Others times it’s summaries of the top 10 washed up celebrities or other similar page 6 type of things. However, the click baits are becoming more prevalent and spanning more and more subjects these days. Fantasy football is even included.

“LeVeon Bell isn’t a top ten running back anymore”, “Marshawn Lynch to the Raiders?”, “Why some random guy will start at QB for the Denver Broncos”…we’ve all seen the headlines. Some of us are even dumb enough to not only click on them, but then read on. With that being said, these articles are designed for one reason and one reason alone. These sites want you to ‘bait to their clicks.

It’s the dark days of fantasy football, but we at FanTav promise you, our readers, that we’ll never put up some 30 picture portfolio with 20 sponsored ads featuring outdated pics of Odell Beckham making one handed catches.

Simply put, we’ll never gravitate to the click bait. Are you hooked?