Kaepernick’s Trade Demand Lacks Sense

San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick allegedly demanded to be traded yesterday from the team that gave him a large extension last season.  That’s right.  The Flat-billed Scoundrel is packing his bags full of swag and looking to lollygag over to another scalawag filled with moneybags.  Or something like that (flexes and kisses bicep).  Swag or not, Kaepernick’s decision has FanTav’s Commish scratching his head.  Here are five reasons why the once Super Bowl starting swag-a-errific quarterback is making a terrible decision.

1) For starters, you’re supposed to demand a trade or holdout from training camp when you’re stock is on the rise.  The San Francisco 49ers offense was ranked as FanTav’s worst in fantasy last season and Kaepernick’s erratic passing was a large part of the reason why.  Of course he was benched and then missed the rest of the season with an elective swag-reduction surgery.  Either way all the time he spent in the offseason with Kurt Warner working on his mechanics just left Niners fans wishing they had Warner.

2) Kaepernick will not be a guaranteed starter anywhere he goes.  Partly why he wants out of San Francisco is because he’s current competing with Blaine Gabbert for starting duties.  It’s more than likely that the 49ers will bring in plenty of fresh faces this offseason (probably Sam Bradford), but if you’re not guaranteed to play in San Francisco then where can you play?  Certainly not for the New York Jets where they have two very good receiver options that prefer to have the ball thrown to them rather than ten feet over their head.  Ryan Fitzpatrick is pretty well cemented there as the starter.

3) Kaepernick’s base salary is $14.5 in 2016 which is atrocious for any team to pick up.  Really not much else needs to be said here.  The great backups of the NFL roughly make between $2 to $4 million per year and there is some debate that Kaepernick would even be considered a great backup.

4) The San Francisco 49ers brass is actually crazy enough to want to keep Kaepernick for that price.  The franchise just announced that they intend on keeping the running quarterback on their roster by April 1 aka the date that salaries become official for 2016.  Perhaps Kap is afraid of the RG III treatment, but either way an investment that large into the struggling quarterback is a statement in itself and nobody else will likely deem him worthy of that amount.

5) Kaepernick’s lack of progression could potentially be fixed most of all by Chip Kelly.  Sure the former Eagles coach made some enemies during his tenure in Philadelphia and sure he’ll not promise Kaepernick the job or necessarily stick with Kap if he poops the bed like he did last season.  However, Chip supposedly attempted to trade for Kaepernick last year in Philly and a mobile quarterback fits perfects in that Oregon style offense.  Worse case scenario, I could see Kap reverting to his role when the 49ers also had Alex Smith playing and he carried the ball more than passed it.

Kaepernick should accept the facts that he’s an erratic, overpaid quarterback that won’t be guaranteed a starting position elsewhere and has the one coach in the league that could potentially utilize him for his strengths.  Any questions?