FanTav’s WCW: Ms. Katie May

Katie-May-sexy-pictures-11With the 2015 NFL season over with, we at FanTav have some extra time on our hands. So lets show some perfect 10 babes on Wednesdays to pass the time. Any objections? I didn’t think so.

The Lowdown: With over 2 million followers to her account (which is fittingly named MSKATIEMAY), former Playmate Katie May was both widely loved on Instagram and was also crowned the “Queen of Snapchat” by Playboy.

The Lady:   Ms. Katie May was originally from Pittsburgh before moving to Los Angeles.  I’m not sure of Ms. May’s fan allegiances, but lets just say she’d look fabulous waving one of those terrible towels at Heinz Field.  And make no mistake about it, Ms. Katie May loved football and apparently cheered professionally in both the Super Bowl and Pro Bowl.  She also wasn’t opposed to fantasy football or sports gambling either.  Ms. Katie May was the face of and often discussed gambling on sports in her interviews.  As a former businesswoman and mother, Katie was a true story of the American dream when she made the switch to modeling and enjoyed international fame.  It’s easy to tell why when you look at her IG account.  Ms. May not only had some incredible ummmm… assets, but she also left many positive and uplifting messages to her millions of fans.  Sadly we must use the past tense when discussing the incredible Ms. Katie May.  The 34 year old blonde bombshell recently passed away from a blood clot that resulted in a seizure.  May’s sudden death was quite a shock to the world of Instagram and all of her fans.

The Lovely Poem:  Katie May was an Instagram icon and shall remain one for the end of time.  Although her IG feed has gone silent, her plethora of beautiful pictures will always be remembered by her large fan base. She deserves an everlasting poem in her honor as well.

Elton John once wrote a song about a candle,

But he never went to Ms. Katie May’s Instagram handle.

If he had, he would have wrote a song about a blowtorch,

Because Katie’s hotness left the Earth scorched.

Her loss brought mourning from bay to bay,

The world will always miss Ms. Katie May.