The All-Free Agency Team: 2nd Team

We’ve reviewed the top free agency class of fantasy stars, but what other players should be hot commodities on the free agent wire this offseason?

QB Kirk Cousins: Cousins is arguable the most intriguing free agent this offseason.  He lacks many starts, but is coming off of a season in which he played well down the stretch and made the playoffs in a very weak division.  He also just broke off negotiations with Redskins potentially creating a bidding war with Houston and maybe Cleveland. You like that?

HB1 Chris Ivory: Ivory is one of the league’s most underrated runners between the tackle box.  However, the cash-strapped Jets will likely part ways with their primary back considering his fairly high price tag.  He could end up going whatever team loses the Dougie Martin lottery. 

HB2 LeGarrette Blount: Few backs in the league can bruise it like Blount.  Lets just say the New England Patriot showed he packed a punch even back in his college days. I expect Blount to be retained by New England considering he fits their offense well and they lack another effective big back.

WR 1 Anquan Boldin: This is a terrible WR free agency class thus far, so after Jeffrey and Benjamin there are really no other marque players.  Boldin’s career stats and physical play make him a nice addition for any contender as a high end WR#3 or low end WR#2. 

WR2 Marvin Jones: Marvin Jones is an extremely talented young player.  However, he’s always been that X factor limited role player in Cincinatti where he often say limited targets.  Due to a terrible WRs free agent market, this could be the big pay day offseason for the Bengal. 

TE Ben Watson: It was a huge comeback year in New Orleans for Watson who filled in admirably for the tight end vacancy left by Jimmy Graham.  Right now Watson’s value is a bit inflated as Brees’ favorite player to dump to.  He should do everything he can to stay in New Orleans.

FLEX Alfred Morris: Morris makes the list as a workhorse for several years in Washington’s backfield.  However, the late round sleeper looking for a second contract could miss out on the big bucks thanks to the CBA’s tough stance on rookie contracts and a bit of wear on the running back from all those carries.