FanTav’s Weekend WAG: Sunny Helms

The Beauty: Ms. Helms is not only attractive on the surface level, but also inside where it counts (get your minds out of the gutter). The Texas native wrote the song “Oh Tonight” for the Josh Abbot Band which made the Top 50 on Country Billboard charts. I’ve never listened to the country song (because I’ve never slept with my sister), but a lady that is making money off her mind in the FanTav WAGS series is a rare commodity.

The Beast: The songwriter’s inspiration for her love songs is none other than her husband aka former Cincinatti Bengal Jordan Shipley. Ironically, Shipley’s NFL career was rather uninspiring with the 3rd round pick only playing three seasons before he retired. Today, the couple sings and plays guitar together and even recorded an EP under the name Sunny Leigh Shipley, One song they performed together, “Don’t Let Me Sink,” is apparently not about Jordan’s NFL career.

The Bard: A singer/songwriter with looks and brains, this Nashville beauty is sweeter than tea and more saucy than a plate of biscuits and gravy. She deserves a boot stompin’ country gal song.

When it comes to music I prefer the grassroots,

To that twangy noise and stomping cowboy boots.

But Sunny is a delight in a world with either,

Even if she is surrounded by a bunch of mouth-breathers.

Because for gals like Sunny I’ll always lust,

Even if her husband was a big NFL Draft bust.

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