FanTav’s WCW: Emily Sears

images (4)With the 2015 NFL season over with, we at FanTav have some extra time around here. I can’t really justify a #WCW segment in the context of football (however, posting pics of amazingly hot women seems to help with the web hits), but I don’t think many of my readers will mind. The idea of introducing Women Crush Wednesday to this site was simple.  One night (while intoxicated) I “followed” roughly 200 gorgeous models on my Instagram account.  Although it’s now challenging to see anyone that I actually know on Instagram, the breathtaking results and several hours of “pondering” had me thinking.  Why not feature one of these women every Wednesday on here? So here we go.  Justified. I think…. Maybe? Either way enjoy the pics.

The Lowdown: With over 2.5 million followers to her account (which is fittingly named #EmilySears), Australian model Emily Sears is loved by many a bloke, mate, or even a few ‘roos.

The Lady: Emily Sears is not only scorching hot, but the Melbourne, Australia native also enjoys showing off her flawless body while eating pizza which earns her serious bro points with her mates.  Emily is not only a classy broad with art publishers for parents, she’s also been the cover girl on many famous magazines including: GQ USA, FHM, MAXIM and ESQUIRE.  However, the coolest tale of Emily Sears is that she’s not afraid to stand-up to the Brett Favre types of the world.  When Emily receives dictures (dick pics) on her IG account, she serves up a pretty cold dish of revenge.  The Australian hottie investigates the culprit’s account and when she discovers if the culprit has an significant other, she then notifies the gal’s account of her creepy man’s Free Willy ways. Some will label Emily Sears a “cock block” for doing this, but I think it’s only fair considering the circumcision… I mean circumstances.

The Lovely Poem: Emily is arguably the best looking gal on Instagram. Lets give the Aussie a fitting “no rules, just right” tribute.

They say that the best women are from the land down under,

And Emily Sears certainly brings the thunder.

The blonde beauty has more than a few Instagram fans,

Posing with pizza and probably Fosters beer cans.

This chick makes the Bloomin’ Onion bloom,

I certainly wouldn’t mind being this shiela’s lucky Groom.