FanTav’s Commish Critiques: Extra Points

the_commish_tshirtPerhaps the biggest news story so far this NFL season is the modification that has been made to the extra point. What was once a play that was considered the segway to getting up and grabbing a beer is now actually worth watching. Extra points are of course now kicked from thirty-three yards instead of twenty. The impact of this is already noted with nearly twice as many missed extra points in three weeks of action as there were all of last year.  In some cases, like Pittsburgh last week, teams have begun going for 2 point conversions when they have confidence in their offense and lack faith in their kicker to bury the extra point.

When the concept was originally presented, FanTav’s Commish thought the rule change was stupid. Why continue to tinker with the game?  Now scores seem a bit odd with 6 to 9 point games and no understanding of if a team’s kicker made multiple field goals or missed one extra point. However, after watching three weeks of this rule change, the Commish is now on board with the change. First off, a 33 yard field goal is similar to a pro golfer putting from five feet and in. If he’s a reliable pro, he’ll make it 99% of the time. If he’s shaky, then perhaps he’ll shank one here and there and look foolish. Second, NFL coaching is often boring to watch. Most of these coaches lack any originality to their approach. Instituting a rule like this forces some coaches to think outside the box. Lastly, the NFL is an entertainment outlet no different than theatre or film. As a fan and consumer of their product, I want unlimited action. Watching special teams units try to block the extra point or seeing potent offenses more prone to go for it from the two yard line is more entertaining for me and thus, enhances my viewing pleasure.

However, this rule change of lengthening the extra point got the Commish thinking. If you can lengthen extra points why not just change the whole system all together? Why not create a superior system by starting from scratch?

For starters lets get rid of kickers kicking extra points all together. It’s a travesty this sport is called “foot”ball in the first place. The kicker is by far and away the biggest pussy on the field. He can be utilized for kickoffs and field goals, but nothing else.  Now that we got those pesky kickers out of the way lets tinker with the conversation yardage and point system. How about (what has been the two point conversion yardage) the two yard line becomes one point?  Now lets move back to the ten yard line and call that a two point conversion. While were at it why not move back to the twenty yard line and say that’s a three point conversion (yes, three)? And a pass from the thirty yard line into the endzone is certainly worthy of four points. And the forty yard line a five and the fifty yard line is six….you see where I’m going with this.  Eventually lets make it all the way to the other goal line. Well that’s for eleven points if you score on a 100 yard hook and ladder.

Now some will say that FanTav’s Commish is bastardizing the game we all love. Basically he’s turning football into one of those old RockN’Jock sporting events from MTV back in the day. And honestly I can’t deny this because I’m not opposed to having Paulie Shore try and tackle LeGarrette Blount. But in all seriousness, would this not be a highly entertaining way of doing the extra point? Can you imagine the excitement at the end of a 31-21 game when the losing team scores a TD (six points) and goes for a four point conversion (from the thirty yard line)? I’ll tell you one thing….Julio Jones salary would only be going up as both a hail mary threat and as a defender.

Lets face the facts. The NFL has become stale over the last fifty years. The best football invention in my lifetime was fantasy. It gave every semi-football fan a reason to care about every single game.  The RedZone channel….it’s like crack for fantasy football owners.  In other words, we’re an ADD society that demands non-stop action 24/7.

I’m on board. Oh, and my first fantasy football selection under this new format? Who other than Julio Jones.

You be the Judge.

I’ll just be the Commish.

But I won’t ever look as sweet as Chiklis did.

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  • Wes

    here is my two cents, commish. me and my friend James were talking about this exact thing today (the stupid extra point rule change). just when we were, a kicker missed a field goal by “donging” it off the post. we agreed that – if any rule were to change – it should be that kickers are rewarded for “dongers” instead of penalized. a “donger” should be worth 5 points (to encourage Jeff Fisher to attempt them from 50+ yards), and the rare “double-donger” should be worth 10. if they changed the rule, i bet Bill Belichick would have Doug Flutie drop-kicking dongers by December.