FanTav’s Hall of Shame: Steve Rannazzisi

Perhaps by now you’ve heard. Actor and standup comedian Steve Rannazzisi found himself in some hot water last week.  Apparently since 2001, the actor that stars on the fantasy football themed show The League has been telling folks that he was in the World Trade Center on September 11th and narrowly escaped the terror attacks.  Well that was until The New York Times confronted Rannazzisi with evidence that the story he had been telling for years was a lie. After the confrontation, Rannazzisi, who had previously claimed the incident was part of his inspiration to become an actor and move to Los Angeles, came clean and apologized on Twitter acknowledging that he was in fact a very bad man:

As a young man, I made a mistake that I deeply regret and for which apologies may still not be enough.

And this story is strange on several levels. First and foremost, Rannazzisi had claimed he worked for investment bank Merrill Lynch on the 54th floor of the south tower and escaped to the street after the first plane struck the north tower. However, as The Times reported, The League actor was not employed by Merrill Lynch.  In addition, the bank has no record of his employment at any time nor did the bank have an office in either tower. At a minimum, Rannazzisi could have at least Googled what businesses were on what floor of the tower. I mean if you’re going with this shameful of a story in the first place then you might as well have your facts straight.  Second, Rannazzisi’s apology seems like bullshit to me. He deeply regrets a mistake he made as a “young man”; however, as recent as 2009, when he was 31 years of age (around the same time his popular show began), the actor admitted he was still haunted of the dreaded day when he stated in the “WTF” podcast:

I still have dreams of, like — you know those falling dreams?

No, we don’t know. And apparently you don’t either, jerkoff. Sounds like you stuck to the same story for around a decade. Hard to chalk this up to just a youthful mistake, right d-bag?

I see what Rannazzisi was doing as a young actor. He was looking for a foot in the door. New Yorker moves to Cali in 2001 and is the fish-out-of-water with the weird name. Why not give all the Hollywood producers and potential cast mates a story they’d never forget, right?  Well that’s understandable….if you’re a sociopath.  Basically Rannazzisi was utilizing the worst terror attack in American history to further his acting career and reputation around Hollywood. This is not only despicable, but only something that a complete piece of shit scumbag would even try to pawn off on people in the first place. I mean…just about the only thing worse off than this is stealing candy from kids with cancer. Even living in Tampa, FL, I knew people that were in the towers or had friends or family members that lost people they loved that day. I can imagine, Rannazzisi, a New Yorker mind you, knew of plenty of people that were killed on September 11th. Instead of paying them their respects, he saw a door open for a career opportunity in Hollywood.

Well the bad news for Rannazzisi presently is that he’d just been launched as the video spokesperson for Buffalo Wild Wings which had begun a huge marketing campaign of commercials centered around the funnyman (which started around March Madness and rebooted this football season). However, Rannazzisi can waive that opportunity goodbye as well as several others because now he’ll always just be the psycho that lied for fourteen consecutive years about being in the towers on 9/11 when he was really just telling people that to further his acting career.

So long Rannazzisi.

P.S. You’re the least funny guy on The League which isn’t very funny in the first place.