FanTav’s Weekend WAG: Sarah Hinton

6a01a73db5d5a4970d01b7c70c7b6a970b-800wiThe Beauty: One fun thing about our WAG series is that these lovely Wives And GirlfriendS of our favorite NFL players encompass all kinds of professions. Well not really… Most are models, actresses, porn stars, or Hooters girls. Ms. Hinton is one of several Hooters girl that married a football star. Although Sarah didn’t collect any hardware in the 2010 Miss Hooters International competition, she does look great posing in a swimsuit. Really, really, great.

The Beast: Sarah is married to Brent Celek tight end of the Philadelphia Eagles. Celek has actually quietly had a pretty solid career going into his 9th season with the same team that drafted him in the 5th round of the 2007 Draft. He also has had two plus 800 yard seasons in his career. However, last season he was fazed out of the offense with the arrival of Zach Ertz and finished the season with a little over 300 yards and one touchdown.

The Bard:  Sarah is one sexy gal that deserves an even sexier poem.

Sarah, for you my aching heart sings,

Not only for your beauty but also for that plate of wings,

On second thought I’d prefer a delicious beer poured,

It’s a damn shame you didn’t win that 2010 Miss Hooters award.

Because you look sooo good in little itty bitty orange clothes,

But at least your husband has perfected the Captain Morgan pose.