Coach Revival Series Cancelled

“Hayden’s back in the game.” But not for long.

NBC has cancelled Craig T. Nelson’s followup series to Coach even before the series began airing. Apparently, after filming the revival series’ pilot episode, it was met with mixed reviews by NBC execs who eventually decided to scrap the idea after the show also faced creative differences.

And after reading the show’s brief plot summary, I can see why.  According to Deadspin:

The new series found Nelson’s Hayden being called out of retirement to serve as assistant coach to his and late wife Christine’s grown son, Tim, who was starting up a new team as the head coach at an Ivy League school in Pennsylvania.

Personally, I feel like it is a little too soon to have a show feature an assistant coach that works for a college institution in the state of Pennsylvania.


Perhaps they should have called Craig T. Nelson’s revival series, The Third Mile?