Is Adam Jones the $100 Million Dollar Man?

The footballer formerly known as PacMan believes he’d be worth $100 million dollars if not for his early career off-the-field conduct problems.

As Cincinatti Bengals cornerback Adam Jones blatantly put it himself:

If I would have never gotten suspended, I would have $100 million right now.

Obviously this is a bit of a stretch. There is no doubt that Jones is extremely valuable to the Bengals as a three way threat at kick returner, punt returner, and cornerback, but few defensive NFL players are worthy of praise high enough to mark them with a $100 million tag. In fact, Houston Texans star defensive lineman JJ Watt is the only man to ever eclipse the $100 million dollar mark in one contract for a defensive player. Also considering the time in which Jones conduct problems were an issue (around the 2007 and 2008 seasons), there is no way that any defensive player was going to make over $100 million dollars during that market. In fact, in 2011, then arguably the best defensive back in the league Champ Bailey was re-signed for 4 years and $43 million dollars.

Despite the figures that clearly prove otherwise, Jones’ point is that if not for the perception of his off-the-field issues, Owners and General Managers around the league would have been more prone to pony up the big dollars for him. There is obviously no arguing this point. Of course also considering his time away from the game on suspension and the likelihood that it may have stunted his overall growth in the league as a player, Jones could certainly make a case for at least earning a plus $50 million dollar deal back in his golden years in Tennessee.

However, there is one thing that certainly stopped the cornerback dead in his tracks for his pursuit to be become the $100 Million Dollar Man….. His love for visiting strip clubs. It’s widely known that Jones has put at least a few dozen strippers through college. I mean this guy entered the club with trash bags filled with money. Literally.

In jones case, when it rains it pours.