Football Is Coming…..

UV1SHI thought I’d take a moment to bask in this awesomeness. Sunday August 2, 2015, was the last Sunday until February that there will be no football. That’s right folks, the storm is over (well unless you live in Florida and you’re experiencing this crazy weather, but back to the main task). Football is so close, I can taste it. Lets looks at some of the biggest football dates coming up in August/September of 2015.

Sunday August 9th, 2015: Hall of Fame Game – The Pittsburgh Steelers face the Minnesota Vikings at 8pm (eastern time) on NBC. The game is being hyped as our first chance to see Adrian Peterson return to action, but I highly doubt Purple Jesus will be playing considering he really never plays in preseason games. However, it will be our first chance to hear Bob Costa’s latest and greatest non-sensical rant about something very unrelated to actual NFL football. My prediction. Costas rants about the return of Adrian Peterson. Second best guess….Tom Brady Deflategate legacy rant.

Tuesday August 11, 2015: Hard Knocks – The HBO sports docu-series premieres at 10pm. This season the popular show will follow the Houston Texans and thus, the Texans will likely be cursed this year and miss the playoffs. I imagine JJ Watt will have a prominent role as will Clowney’s recovery from a serious injury. Perhaps splice in a quarterback competition between Hoyer and Mallett and some comic relief from Arian Foster. Oh, and of course story lines for 7 or 8 guys just trying to make the team. Good stuff. One of my favorite preseason activities because it’s more entertaining than the games.

8e6213d87654c8fdfd0b78970b161e06_crop_north1August 25, 2015: Madden 2016 – Gamers will be lining up outside of Walmart’s everywhere on Tuesday at 12:00am when the newest Madden is released. Of course now you can just upload the game to your console, so you don’t actually have to lineup. Either way cover boy Odell Beckham is screwed this year.

Saturday August 29, 2015: First college football game – Well kind of. The game is North Dakota State vs Montana. It’s best case a nicotine patch for actual college football, but that hasn’t stopped ESPN from covering it on their prime channel at 3:30pm. I think it is safe to say we’re a football-crazed nation.

Thursday September 3, 2015: Real college football starts – Well sort of. There are well over a dozen games being played, but only a few that actually appear to be interesting to the casual college fan. Most notably, North Carolina plays South Carolina and TCU plays Minnesota at 6pm and 9pm respectively on ESPN.6940214

Saturday September 5, 2015: Real, Real college football starts – Actual good teams begin playing each other including Wisconsin vs Alabama, Notre Dame vs Texas, Louisville vs Auburn, Northwestern vs Stanford, BYU vs Nebraska, Virginia vs UCLA among other decent match-ups.

Thursday September 10, 2015: First NFL regular season game – The Pittsburgh Steelers will travel to defending Super Bowl champs the New England Patriot’s home turf. LeVeon Bell is suspended for two games and will likely not be playing; whereas, Tom Brady’s suspension is going through appeal so he should be eligible to  play in this season’s debut game.

Sunday September 13, 2015: Fist NFL Sunday games – Need we say more?