Bills O-Line Coach Suspended 6 Games

30A-Beach-Chair-960The Buffalo Bills suspended offensive line coach Aaron Kromer for six games without pay. Of course Kromer is the guy that is now infamous for punching a fifteen year old boy in the face and threatening to kill his family if he reported the incident to the police. Making the story that much more entertaining, this incident transpired all because some beach chairs were moved by the boy and his friends.  Seriously, this is not a storyline out of the new season of True Detective. This actually transpired. To avoid this mess from happening again can we please get Kromer a beach chair that says “Coach” on the back of it? It will be like the Director’s chair on a movie set.

The good news for Kromer is that he has retained his position with the Bills and his battery charges were dropped last week. So after the first six regular season games are done with, he can return to the squad like nothing ever happened.  I can’t imagine too many occupations where you can punch a fifteen year old in the face and threaten to kill his family and return to your position in a little over a month later.

So lets review a few of the biggest recent suspensions…..

Ray Rice cold-cocked his fiance in an elevator and dragged her lifeless body across the casino floor…. 2 game suspension (well originally).

Greg Hardy assaulted his girlfriend, threw her on a bed full of loaded guns, and threatened to kill her…..4 game suspension.

Kromer, a coach and mentor, punched a minor in the face and threatened to kill his family (over some beach chairs mind you)…..6 game suspension.

Tom Brady may have advised some staff members to deflate footballs….4 game suspension.

Makes sense to me!

incognito2In other Buffalo Bills offensive line news, head coach Rex Ryan announced that former Miami Dolphin and professional bully Richie Incognito is a projected starter for 2015.  The timing of this announcement couldn’t have been any better for the Bills’ perception.  Kromer mentoring Incognito? Good God, man. No wonder Jonathan Martin retired from the league. The jokes all write themselves.

But here’s another.

Thank God there are no beaches in Buffalo. And if there are……please spare two beach chairs!!!