FanTav’s Weekend WAG: Gisele Bundchen

gisele-21The Beauty: Brazilian, supermodel, actress, millionaire, and Goodwill Ambassador. When you tally up the WAG points, no lady surpasses Gisele for the award of Most Accomplished WAG. Gisele has done everything from posing as a Victoria’s Secret angel to a supporting role in The Devil Wears Prada to dedicating her time to environmental causes and The Red Cross. Perhaps the only blemish on her resume is a supporting role in the film, Taxi.  Not Taxi Driver, but Taxi. 

The Beast: We all know Gisele’s Lesser Half aka Tom Brady. The former Michigan Wolverine has been in the news a lot this off season for his deflated balls and his propensity to lie like a rug. Regardless of how much ESPN wants to evaluate his legacy, nobody can argue with his rings. Tom has four which is considerably more than any other active NFL player. So arguably he’s the biggest fashionista in his family with all that gaudy jewelry.

The Bard: Gisele is a world class babe that deserves a world class poem,

In every marriage there must be a bread winner.
The spouse that comes home to a lukewarm dinner.
In the Brady-Bundchen household, Gisele puts food on the table,
While her husband talks to the media and spins a new deflating fable.
At the Patriots’ home of Foxboro, they may let out Tom Brady chants,
But at the Brady-Bundchen Manor, it is Gisele that wears the pants!