Steven Jackson Wants Starring Role in Dallas

Earlier today, Steven Jackson shared a symbol of hope on his Twitter account for Cowboys fans.


Clearly, this message could only mean one of three things:

1) Steven Jackson is a huge Brandon Carr fan (he’s #39 on the Cowboys).

2) Pacman Jones has returned to Dallas and blows really awesome smoke rings.

3) Or the Dark Knight has risen from the ashes of Atlanta and wants a spot on the Cowboys’ roster.

I pick door number three, Bob. The unemployed running back appears to be lobbying for a role in Big D’s backfield.

With the loss of DeMarco Murray to the Eagles in free agency, Dallas is in need of a running back to rise to prominence and the former bell-cow of the Rams certainly has been relied on to carry the load throughout his career.  Considering Dallas doesn’t have a great option in the backfield right now and clearly has the best offensive line in the league, I imagine out-of-work running backs are lining up outside of AT&T Stadium much like young brokers lined up outside of Stratton Oakmont’s doors in The Wolf of Wall Street.  However, Jackson is at that unappealing running back age of 32, the former Falcon has “a lot of wear on the tires” (as they say), and is coming off of two consecutive seasons in which he failed to eclipse 4 yards per carry on the ground or 1,000 total yards. After an injury-plagued 2013 season, last season Jackson was pretty much an ineffective secondary option in the Falcons backfield stumbling his way to 707 yards.

I think it is safe to say that Jackson’s best days are long behind him and if he’s ever going to make another NFL roster, it would solely be as a support guy that can teach the younger guys the intricacies of the position and potentially carry the ball 5 to 10 times per game at the very most (with perhaps the goal line duties and pass blocking plays). We alI know Cowboys owner Jerry Jones is never bashful about signing big named players, but Jackson signing with the Cowboys would be quite the surprise move considering camp has already started and the Cowboys have three superior backfield options (Joseph Randle, Darren McFadden and Lance Dunbar).  Not to mention there are several superior free agent running backs out there as well.

But you never know……

The Dark Knight could be coming to Dallas this summer……three yards at a time.