When Jerry Met Jay

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones may have found a new business partner. Yes, the man who can sell a ketchup popsicle to a woman in white gloves has befriended who other than Jay-Z.  I suppose this alliance makes sense on both sides. Jerry’s got ‘Merica’s Team and also built the largest dome in the world since the Truman Show.  Jay-Z’s got the street savvy ability to sway young superstar athletes to his sports agency, Roc Nation Sports. Together these guys could conquer the world….or at least make it to an NFC conference championship game (cough, cough).

jerry_jayAfter financing deals for Oklahoma City Thunder forward Kevin Durant and Seattle Mariners second baseman Robinson Cano, Jay-Z’s agency hammered out a five-year, $70 million deal for Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant last week. Although the specifics of the contract have not been made public, the most impressive part of the deal was the timing of it coming right before training camp. Dez was talking holdout, but it looks like he will be rearing to go in 2015 with a brand new contract (assuming that alleged shady parking lot vid never sees the light of day).

The best part of the exchange though was the fact that Jerry was apparently hanging out with Jay-Z the night before he signed the big contract and Mr. Jones felt that Jay-Z was just a “wonderful” addition to his Big Pimpin’ Dallas lifestyle:

“You did a good job associating yourself with Jay-Z, he’s wonderful.  I spent hours with him last night. It was great. He thinks a lot of you, and I do too.”

Although Jerry’s quote sounds a bit homoerotic, I think it was clear that a Bromance was developing during a Wednesday conference call, via the Dallas Morning News:

“I must emphasize, Roc Nation, Jay-Z, the key people in Roc Nation did a marvelous job of convincing us that managing Dez and managing him with his off the field, with his marketing opportunities, with his finances, that they’re a group that will really make a contribution to Dez.  They were very significant in us doing this deal with Dez.”

At the end of the day, Jerry loves Jay-Z because he can speak to these young athletes in a way he can’t reach them. Young African-American potential superstars can see the blueprint that Jay-Z is offering them (be it contractual, marketing, off-the-field, financial) and they can abide by it. And at the end of the day that makes Jerry’s life that much easier because he knows that Jay-Z may have 99 problems, but Dez Bryant’s new contract certainly isn’t one.