The Free Agency Team: Offense

QB1: Michael Vick- With all the option read offenses becoming a regular thing in the NFL, you’d think somebody would want to employ the greatest running QB in NFL history. I suppose his disappointing stint for the Jets last year and confession he didn’t prepare on a weekly basis hurt his stock.

QB2: Jason Campbell- The free agent options kind of plummet after Vick, but Campbell would be a serviceable backup with ten plus years of experience in the league.

chrisjohnsonHB1: Chris Johnson – Perhaps it’s the perceived superstar ego, the desire to be paid, or his off-the-field issues with a gunshot wound, whatever the logic is CJ2K is only a few years removed from being considered one of the best playmakers in the league.  He’ll likely be signed somewhere during camp.

HB2: Ahmad Bradshaw- Despite consistent injury problems in his recent years, Bradshaw has produced fine numbers on the field when healthy including averaging over 4.5 yards a carry for his career. He’s a great change of pace back that can make people miss and catch the ball out of the backfield.

HB3: Pierre Thomas– Speaking of guys that catch the ball out of the backfield and are fundamentally sound across the board. Thomas could easily be the 3rd down back somewhere in the league considering all of his receptions last season.

HB4: Knowshon Moreno– With a plethora of respectable options, including several former superstars, I’ll take the guy that carried the rock in Denver two years ago. Sorry Steven Jackson, Ben Tate, Benjarvis Green-Ellis, and Shonn Greene, but Moreno is the better option even with knee issues.

FB1: Chris Ogbonnaya The former Brown is more of a power I halfback, but was often employed as the goalline back two years ago. He lacks the running burst to be an effective halfback and the blocking ability to play at one of the few available spots in the league.

WR1: Reggie Wayne – After being Peyton’s go-to WR for years, Wayne should be a future Hall of Famer, but right now the former Colt is unemployed. Somebody in the league will snag him shortly considering his route running ability and reliable hands. Pretty surprising it hasn’t happened yet. He must be weighing his options.

WR2: James Jones- The former Packer took the money and ran to Oakland where his tenure was short lived. He was a great deep ball threat in Green Bay and could fit nicely with a variety of teams.  However, being cut so quickly by talent-needy Oakland is never a good sign for your career.

Denver Broncos wide receiver Wes Welker (83) stretches prior to an NFL preseason football game against the Houston Texans, Saturday, Aug. 23, 2014, in Denver. (AP Photo/Jack Dempsey)

WR3: Wes Welker– Few players in NFL history have been as reliable as this slot WR. Welker could still make a nice check down option somewhere, but I think most GMs don’t want to deal with his proneness for concussions and risk of serious injury.

WR4: Jonathan Baldwin– At only 26, the former Chief has the size and athleticism to be on some team this season. He’s worthy of a shot at a roster spot despite his lackluster career. 

WR5: Josh Cribbs – We need a return man that can also fill in with some trickery plays and Cribbs beats out fellow old men Santana Moss, Santonio Holmes, Brad Smith, and Brandon Lloyd for the final spot.      

TE1: Jermaine Gresham – The former Bengal was a respectable fantasy option in the past few years and is a pretty decent blocker.  He was phased-out of Cincinnati with the recent early draft pick at the position. He’ll be signed somewhere this season. 

TE2: Zach Miller – With the addition of Jimmy Graham to the Seahawks, Miller lost his job this offseason. He’s a decent blocker that had a few solid years.

TE3: Fred Davis – He never lived up to the hype in Washington and after a brief stint in New England he’s in need of a new home.

LT: Jake Long – At only 26 years of age, it’s crazy that a former #1 overall pick is now unemployed. After leaving Miami for St. Louis, Long has been mostly injured for the last few seasons. GMs can no longer rely on Long to be a 16 game starter making his career in jeopardy.

LG: Davin Joseph– The former Buc and Ram is just a few years removed from a huge contract and consideration among the league’s best at his position. Perhaps he hasn’t lived up to his Pro Bowl status awhile back, but he’s worthy of a starting guard position here.

C: Roberto Garza – The longtime Bear has reached that near retirement age of 36. His plus ten years of experience in the league could make him a stopgap somewhere.

evan-mathisRG: Evan Mathis – Perhaps the most desired player on the All-Free Agency Team, Mathis wanted a new contract in Philly and Chip wasn’t having it. He should be on a team shortly before training camp starts considering he’s a Pro Bowl caliber player that will instantly improve a line.

RT: Sam Baker – The former Falcons left tackle can be penciled in at right for this fantasy team. He’s also had injury woes similar to Long and was not graded out too well the last few years.

OT3: Anthony Collins– One season removed from a huge contract with the Bucs, it’s amazing how quickly some guys fall off the radar. 

OG3:  Kevin Boothe – The former two time Super Bowl champ of the Giants stopped by Oakland last season, but at 32 years of age the versatile lineman should have a shot to play somewhere.

C2: Dominic Riola– Similar to Garza, at the age of 37 it appears the former Lion has played his final down.