FanTav’s Weekend WAG: Kendra Wilkinson

Kendra_Wilkinson_1-1The Beauty: Ms. Wilkinson is most well-known to the public as one of Hugh Hefner’s three former girlfriends and for her role on the reality television show, Girls Next Door.  Most remember the former Playmate as the sporty, energetic, dog-loving (two pups named Rascal and Martini), lady of the manor.  After the series ended, the San Diego native starred on her own series, Kendra. This self-titled show focused mainly on Kendra’s post-Mansion years, pregnancy, and marriage to an NFL player.

The Beast: While a Playboy Mansion fantasy is something I like, Hank Baskett is someone I do not.  Not only does his surname fittingly inspire uncreative nicknames from Chris Berman, but “Put the Lotion in the” Baskett also played for arguably the most dislikable team in the league, the Philly Eagles.  If there is any Silver Lining here (Baskett’s jersey was featured in the book, but replaced by D. Jackson’s in the film), Hank’s most famous for allegedly cheating on Kendra with a tranny.    

The Bard:  Kendra is truly a grotto-full of gorgeousness.  She deserves a fitting poem. 

Oh Kendra, sweet Kendra, why does my heart soar?
Is it because you’re clearly the most beautiful Girl Next Door?
When you left the Mansion I wished you the best with Hank;
However, it seems that life with an Eagle has become a prank.
How could a straight man make love to a woman with a weini?
Clearly that “Rascal” had one strong “Martini”!