BROmantic Comedy: The Preview

We all know the formula of the Romantic Comedy (even if some of us Bros would like to pretend we don’t). As the late Leslie Nielson’s character Frank Drebin from the Naked Gun put it,

It’s the same old story. Boy finds girl, boy loses girl, girl finds boy, boy forgets girl, boy remembers girl, girls dies in a tragic blimp accident over the Orange Bowl on New Year’s Day.”  “Good Year?”  “Nope, the worst……”

The Romantic Comedy genre has existed for generations and for some reason, unbeknownst to the Commish, women still eat up the same, tired, shitty storyline today. I suppose these ladies take some comfort in knowing where the 90-plus minute narrative is headed (even after witnessing the same terrible formula a few hundred times).  Anyways I think it is time for us Bros here at Fantasy Tavern to start spicing things up a bit and adding some wrinkles matt-ryanto women’s favorite movie genre….with a man’s twist of course!

I mean we’re recasting Meg Ryan with Matt Ryan in a film titled, You’ve Got Male. (Like 48 of them)

What if instead of Harry meeting Sally he just met another Harry and the two of them just bro’d the fuck out for an hour and a half?

Reece Witherspoon you say? More like Sean Witherspoon in a little film called Legally Bro.

entourage-entourage-gay-tv-hbo-demotivational-poster-1256339275I suppose Entourage kind of beat us to the punch with this Bro-on-Bro formula (or maybe Brokeback Mountain?), but nobody has done it on this level before.  For starters, these will be referred to as BROmantic Comedies. If Blockbuster hadn’t gone the way of the pet rock, I’d demand a BROmantic Comedy section right next to the Romantic Comedy one.  You know….so Bros could get a few digits while they picked out their favorite flick.  But alas there is no BROmantic Comedy section because there is no Blockbuster. What about Netflix though?

Because after all this is a fantasy sports/pop culture site in some cases dedicated to Bromances.  We’ve observed it all over the years: Heated sideline arguments, locker room tirades, tears during emphatic press conferences, Twitter feuds, and even a few Bros dropping each other as friends on Facebook.  Of course these Bro-feuds are often resolved with a big sweaty hug on the 50 yard line or a synchronized touchdown dance.  With their trials and tribulations, these Bro relationships (for better or for worse) should be documented.  

Please don’t laugh.  This is real Bro-on-Bro drama here.  We’re talking a Brodown in Little Tokyo.

And honestly where better to start this movie genre than here at Fantasy Tavern: The New York Giants defensive tackle Rocky Bernard, left, hugs Dave Tollefson, right, after the NFL Super Bowl XLVI football game against the New England Patriots  Sunday, Feb. 5, 2012, in Indianapolis. The Giants won the game 21-17.(AP Photo/Elise Amendola)Website Dedicated to Their Bros (and sometimes their hos too, but please don’t tell them we called them that because we’d like to stop by and watch the RedZone next week and Angela made a really delicious batch of nachos last week and we don’t want her upset with us…now do we, Bro?).   

Stay tuned for our BROmantic Comedy Series in which we will feature some of the greatest Bromances the sport of football has ever seen.